Ich bin ein italienische SEO-Texterin. Wie kann ich sicher sein? Meine Kunden bestätigen es jeden Tag!
  • “Competent, helpful and patient :-). We worked together on several projects and she always provided me with interesting points of view. She meets deadlines and is meticulous in writing texts.”
    Giancarlo Losi
  • “Available, competent and professional. A warranty! ”
    Claudia Proserpio
    Psychotherapist and perinatal psychologist
  • “She always respects the deadlines and she's a person, withwhom you can dialogue in order to create a project, create it and, if necessary, change everything and start again.”
    Laura Colleoni
    Account Moma Comunicazione
  • “I immediately perceived her commercial attitude and her IT competence, she quickly understood what I need and she translated my project into a performing web site in a very short time.”
    Ivana Zenoni
    CEO @ Zenoni Line
  • “She is a capable and meticulous person, thanks to her passion she succeeded to understand our needs in a short time, always providing us with an impeccable and punctual work.”
    Pietro Poli
    Marketing Dpt. @ YourBiz Srl
  • “She is accurate, helpful and answers very quickly. I like her way to write and to suggest useful solutions to improve SEO performances. I certainly work with her again concerning my future projects.”
    Michela Pani
    Graphic Designer
  • “Ester doesn't lose time in useless preambles, instead she is pragmatic and professional. She focuses on the project, that is always an efficient and successful product.”
    Graziella Rubin
    Momiz Broker Srl
  • “I chose Ester because she is a serious specialist, who keeps always an eye on customer's needs. She is a cheerful person, but also a direct one: features necessary for a successful collaboration.”
    Irene Ferrari
    CEO @ Effe. Ci. Meccanica Srl
  • “She is serious, professional, reliable.”
    Francesco Neri
    CEO @ Globe Italy Srl
  • “Known through LinkedIn she has immediately become available and has given fast answers. The job was very well done, all with incredible speed. I will still trust in her for future works.”
    Loris Bonetti
    CEO @ Aqua & Fuoko Sas
  • “She is a competent and helpful young woman who, with her enthusiasm, has made the job done together a challenge to improve our on-line newspaper. Clear, accurate, fast: she is an important support for people working on the web.”
    Gessica Costanzo
    Valseriana News
  • “I chose Ester because I saw her passion when she submitted us her offer for the website, and I think the passion in what we do is the right way to work. I was not mistaken! The result has even exceeeded our expectation.”
    Marco Piccinini
    Technical Dpt. @ Carpenteria Piccinini Luca
  • “She is serious, reliable, competent and punctual. She is young, and that's not to be underestimated, because to do this work you should be inventive, able to adapt and you have to know how to re-invent yourself everyday to keep up with the times. With Ester, you play in safe!”
    Francesca Cigliano
    CEO @ CiBi0
  • “Ester is dynamic, creative and quickly in understanding our demands and needs. These are key features for us. Therefore, she has also passion for her work and she is always updated to provide you with great quality SEO texts. We are very satisfied.”
    Max C. Schwenn
    CEO @ Svega.ch
  • “I chose Ester for her ability to write texts for websites. In addition, thanks to her SEO skills, she is able to understand how to write to reach high positions in SERP.”
    Davide Masserini
    CEO @ DM Ware

Hier sind nur einige der Unternehmen, mit denen ich zusammengearbeitet habe

  • SEO-Copywriter-per-MP
  • SEO-Copywriter-per-cosmetici-Biolife
  • SEO-Copywriter-per-cibio
  • SEO-Copy-per-Valseriana-news
  • SEO-Copy-per-Lussana
  • SEO-Copy-per-Green-Design
  • SEO-Copy-per-falegnameria
  • SEO-Copy-per-catering
  • SEO-Copywriter-per-Carpenteria-Piccinini
  • SEO-Copywriter-per-Machigraf
  • SEO-Copywriter-per-internazionalizzazione-Globe-Italy
  • Seo-Copywriter-per-fotografo-ibot
  • Centro estetico Jolie

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